functional group names Find 23 useful

functional group names Find 23 useful. In this blog, 4th practical of the chemistry of B.Sc first-year major subject has been given. How to write it in the file has been told. This practice is of organic chemistry in which functional groups are present in an organic compound How do you recognize it in the lab?

functional group names Find 23 useful

To find out the functional group in a given organic compound

Required Apparatus and Materials:-

Serial No.ExperimentObservationResult
1.In 2 ml of an aqueous solution of the substance add 2-3 drops of a 10% solution of alcohol alpha naphthol and stir. Then, with the help of the wall of the test tube, slowly add about 2 c.c. Concentrated H2So4 MixedA red-violet ring is formed at the junction of the two layers. On mixing the entire solution turns violet-red with a blue precipitate.This experiment confirms the presence of carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates are present in the given organic compound.

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