element detection 100% best-performing practical

element detection 100% best-performing practical. This blog is related to the chemistry practical of B.Sc 1st year major. From this blog, you will get to know how the practicals are written in the file. Organic Compounds Testing of elements is not easy in this. For this test, elements are required to form ions. Testing of elements makes the identification of organic compounds easy.

element detection 100% best-performing practical

How to test the odd elements in the given organic compound.

Required Apparatus and Materials:-

Beaker, test tube, distilled water, filter paper, ignition tube, test tube stand, etc.

Testing of elements:-

Method of preparation of sodium extract:-

A small piece of dry sodium metal is heated for 2–3 min in a fusion tube with an organic compound and the red hot tube is immersed in distilled water contained in a china dish. The ingredients contained in the china dish are boiled and cooled and filtered. This is called sodium extract. Let’s do three parts of this sodium conclusion. And by this we test N, S and halogens.

Observation Table

क्रमांकप्रयोगअवलोकन निष्कर्ष
1.A portion of sodium extract is mixed with a freshly prepared FeSO4 solution and then acidified with concentrated H2SO4.

It comes in red color like blood.Indicates the presence of both nitrogen and sulfur.
2.In the third part of sodium extract, dilute HNO3 is added. And then AgNO3 is added to it.White precipitate does not appear.Cl is absent.


Both nitrogen and sulfur are present in the given organic compound.

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